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Fridge Night Mission

Save food, time and money

Food Waste Awareness Week - 6th-12th March

Turn your fridge down for Mother Earth!​

DYK that millions of UK households have their fridges set too warm, causing some food to go off quicker and costing the average UK household over £700 every year1.​

But here’s how you can save your bacon:​

The food in your fridge could last an extra three days if your fridge is at 4℃ instead of 7℃1.​

So, if you set your fridge dial to below 5℃, you can turn your leftovers into oh-so-right-overs and eat everything else at peak deliciousness.

If you’re not sure how to check your fridge, see the instructions from Love Food Hate Waste for your fridge.

For more food waste hacks and recipes for leftovers, download our free ebook or food waste app.


is wasted by the average UK family

Always Something To Make

Introducing Fridge Night

The fun 4–week mission proven to save:

100% Recycled Plastic


100% Recycled Plastic


100% Recycled Plastic


100% Recycled Plastic




Scientifically proven to reduce food waste by up to 33 percent
  • 1 night a week for 4 weeks
  • Grab your leftover food
  • Search our recipe finder by ingredient and select one of our fun, fast Flexipes
  • Use it up in a delicious meal that saves you food, time and money

Happy You, Happy Home!

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How will it help me?

Through fun weekly challenges and inspiration, you will practice and master a new way to be more resourceful with food you already have.

What current users are saying

Icon with text I saw how much I was wasting and the flexipies inspired me to use up food in new ways
Icon with text, it takes the thinking out of dinner
Icon with text, It feels like a fun game but I'm also saving food and money and learning something new
Icon with text, I wasted barely any food

Your mission is simple

Let's Make Taste,
Not Waste Together

Sustainably Sourced Oils

So far as a Fridge Night Community,
we have saved

10 Tonnes of Food

£40,944 Money

43.7 Tonnes of CO2

Impact for you and your community

Did you know that 4.5 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year? 1

The GHGs associated with the 9.5 Mt of food waste in the UK is around 25 million tonnes of CO2e. This is equivalent to 10 million cars on the road. 2

Whilst 7 million people face hunger here in the UK. 3

At Hellmann's, we believe when food tastes good, less of it is wasted.

That's why we created Fridge Night; a program proven to help us all to be more resourceful in the kitchen, turn the food we already have into delicious meals, and so waste less.

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Always Something To Make

Let's all get extra
from our fridge.

Save food, time & money.

Join the

Fridge Night Mission


[1] See "Impact of more effective use of the fridge and freezer" report from WRAP (Technical Report Standard FINAL ( - 21, section 2.3, table 9)

[2] Food surplus and waste in the UK – key facts

[3] Why we need to take action on food waste

[4] Food waste and hunger in the UK