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We’re on the side of food

We're on the side of food

How did something as wonderfully simple as food become so complicated?

On the one hand, the world has never loved food so much– we watch more shows about it than ever, read stories about it every day, talk about it constantly, we blog about it, tweet about it, brag  about it. Food is the best thing ever! We love it, and ‘like’ it and share it and hype it. We’re obsessed  with food like never before.

On the other hand, the world has never been so anxious about food–we worry about what people  are putting in it, or what it’s doing to us, or where it comes from. Sensationalist headlines and  conflicting studies fan the flames. Food’s been turned into a competition too; on TV, in social media, in our own kitchens. We’re pressured to perform like never before.

So it’s time someone stood up for wonderful, magical, tasty, flavorful, happy, joyful, adventurous,  heart-warming, belly-filling, life-affirming, thoughtful, lovely, amazing, familiar, exotic, fast, slow, delicious, good food.

Let’s defend food from those who would exploit it. Let’s put taste back on its pedestal, and protect it from blandness. Let’s make good food available to all, and make sure it doesn’t cost the Earth. And  let’s have a real, honest, grown-up conversation about what “good food” truly means.

Because at Hellmann’s, we’re on the side of food.