Hellmann's deli



Richard Hellman


You can’t tell the history of mayonnaise without telling the history of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. At just fourteen, young Richard Hellmann was already fostering a love for food as an apprentice at his local food market in Germany where he was from. But it wasn’t until he moved to New York City that he found true success.


Richard and Margaret


It was here that Richard met his wife Margaret, who just happened to be the daughter of two deli owners. And in 1913, Richard and Margaret realized their dream of setting up shop and the Hellmann’s Delicatessen was born.

Hellmann's Jar


The deli that would become our birthplace opened its doors right in the heart of New York City — Columbus Avenue, Manhattan. Richard began creating his now legendary mayonnaise. Jars were filled to the brim with a delicious blend of ingredients picked to create the ultimate creamy texture and taste.

The ribbon version


Originally, two versions of the recipe were sold, and to distinguish between them, Hellmann put a blue ribbon around one. He believed his creation was the best mayonnaise ever. And his customers thought so too. The “ribbon” version was in such high demand that Hellmann designed what is today the iconic “Blue Ribbon” label to be placed on larger glass jars.

best foods logo


Postum Foods (later Best Foods) acquired the Hellmann’s brand in 1927. At this time, Hellmann’s was not the only commercial mayo on the market. Out in California, Best Foods had a popular mayonnaise, while Hellmann’s reigned supreme east of the Rocky Mountains. Because Hellmann’s had such a devoted following, Postum Foods decided to keep both brand names. To this day, Best Foods Mayonnaise continues to sell west of the Rockies, while Hellmann’s sells to the east.

hellmann's logo


Richard Hellmann’s pride and joy, the Hellmann’s Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise became the largest selling mayonnaise in the United States. And thanks to its unmistakable taste and ultra-creamy texture, it is still America’s #1 selling mayo.

hellmann's went international


Inspired by its incredible success in the United Stated, Hellmann’s went international in the 1960s when they began to advertise in Europe. Hellmann’s incredible taste and creamy texture were now introduced to new parts of the world.

hellmann's expansion


Hellmann’s expansion didn’t stop there! In the 1970s the Hellmann’s brand was introduced in five new countries, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

hellmann's tagline


The world’s most iconic mayonnaise brand coined two of its most known taglines in 1987 that continue to live on today. Bring out the Hellmann’s” and “Bring out the best.”

Unilever logo


Unilever acquired the Hellmann’s and Best Foods brands in 2000 and they remain members of the Unilever family today!

hellmann's squeeze bottle


An innovator of taste and packaging, Hellmann’s launched its now-famous squeeze bottle in 2014. This new bottle makes it easier than ever to dose out your favorite creamy mayonnaise.

Hellmann's plant based mayonnaise


To keep up with changing diets in the United States, Hellmann’s launched its Plant Based Dressing & Spread in 2016. A plant-based alternative to the traditional tasty Hellmann’s mayonnaise, this product is free from eggs and gluten, making it the perfect complement to vegan sandwiches, salads and veggies burgers.

hellmann's reputatuion


Hellmann’s reputation for being delicious spread across the country, making our mayo a staple in American kitchens for generations since. The brand's flagship product, Hellmann's® Real Mayonnaise, is the best-selling mayonnaise in the United States, thanks to its unmistakable taste.

PCR plastic packaging


Recognizing its responsibility as the leading mayonnaise brand in the United States, Hellmann’s transitioned to 100% food-safe PCR plastic packaging in 2020. PCR, or post-consumer resin, is made from recycled plastic that is recycled into a resin and used to create new packaging, reducing the amount of plastic waste.

make taste, not waste campaign


In 2021, Hellmann’s continued to tackle waste when the brand launched its Make Taste, Not Waste campaign in the United States to tackle the growing food waste issue. The campaign offers tips, tricks, and recipes that help you make the most of your food already in your fridge, with a little help from delicious Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

fridge night mission


Proving that Hellmann’s will never stop innovating, the brand continues to launch new products and campaigns in 2022. This year marked the launch of the Fridge Night Mission to save food, time, and money. The Fridge Night app helps you save food, time, and money with fun, fast Flexipes using food you already have in your fridge.

Hellmann's spicy mayonnaise


Hellmann’s expanded its mayonnaise flavors with the introduction of new Spicy Mayonnaise in 2022. Made with real, simple ingredients, this new condiment spices up wraps, sandwiches, burgers, and dips.