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Taste matters

The best thing about food?
The best thing about food

The world’s gone a bit crazy about food. Sure, it’s always been important. But seems like in the last few years, it’s become an obsession.

There is a constant stream of new food shows to watch. A new celebrity chef to follow. A new study to worry about. 

Is it just us, or is every other post on social media a food pic? (The rest being celebrities, babies, dogs, and of course, celebrity baby dogs.) 

We recently discovered that 1 in 3 people are willing to let food go cold so they can get the perfect photo of it.*

That’s pretty weird.

But get this: In a UK study, more than half of them have posted food pics because they look good, and then discovered the food itself didn’t taste very good.

That’s really weird.

Could our recent obsession with food be distracting us from the best thing about it?

To us, taste is everything – it’s the reason Hellmann’s exists – everything we make is designed to make food taste better. We don’t have anything against awesome food pics (we take awesome food pics ourselves). We just believe the greatest pleasure you can get from food comes from how it tastes.

Because we’re on the side of food.

*Edelmann Intelligence, January 2017

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