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What is La Tablée des Chefs?
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Join the Fridge Night Mission

Join the program proven to help us all to be more resourceful in the kitchen, turn the food we already have into delicious meals, and therefore waste less. Students in the Kitchen Brigades program are learning about Flexipies – flexible recipes – to help reduce their waste. Try it for yourself and download the free food waste recipe app today!

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47% of food waste in Canada happens within our own households. The average Canadian wastes about seven 810 mL jars of food in just one week! To reduce waste among Canadians, Hellmann’s launched the Jar Challenge which encourages food waste to be limited to one jar per week. This challenge is offered to students in Kitchen Brigades program to increase mindfulness around food preparation, consumption, and repurposing. Try the Jar Challenge at home this week!

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