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Jar Challenge

What is the Jar Challenge?

Curbing your food waste can be a challenge – so Hellmann’s® is making it one. The average Canadian creates seven jars’ worth of food waste in one week; that’s a lot of food that could be used in delicious ways but sadly goes into the trash! So, Hellmann’s® has created the Jar Challenge to educate Canadians and challenge them to reduce their food waste to just one jar, in one week.


How do you define food waste for this challenge?

Any food that is produced, but never eaten, is considered food waste. Consider your takeout leftovers or that half-used container of salad greens - even the scraps most people dispose of like watermelon rinds and onion skins. All of this is considered food waste and contributes to the seven jars of food waste the average Canadian creates in one week.


What shouldn’t I put in the jar?

Avoid putting any food-related packaging, like plastic wrap or cardboard, into the jar. At the end of the Jar Challenge, you may be encouraged to take your commitment one step further and compost your food waste. By excluding any packaging, you can easily transfer your food waste from jar to composter.


How can I participate?

It’s simple: all you need is an empty 890 mL Hellmann’s® mayonnaise jar – or a similar sized jar – and a commitment to reduce your food waste! Whenever you meal prep, order in, finish a meal or clean out your produce drawers, discard any wasted food into the jar. Challenge yourself to reduce your waste to only one jar for one week. Get tips and tricks to reduce your food waste below and share your progress on social with #JarChallenge.


Is there anything special I need to do with the Hellmann’s® jar before starting the Jar Challenge?

After you spread that last bit of Hellmann’s® mayonnaise, make sure to give the jar a thorough clean with soap and water. That’s it – you’re ready to start the Jar Challenge! Look for tips here to help you succeed during your week-long challenge.


Do I need to have an empty Hellmann’s® mayonnaise jar to participate?

While our Hellmann’s® mayonnaise jars find themselves on many tables during the summer barbecue season, you don’t need an empty Hellmann’s® jar to take part in the challenge. Feel free to use a similar sized jar – around 890 mL – that’s empty and clean.


How do you “win” or succeed at the Jar Challenge?

We know reducing your food waste can be a challenge, so we’ve made it one! The goal: reduce your food waste at home to one jar, in one week. Made too much food for dinner? Take the leftovers for lunch. Bought too many herbs? Freeze them in ice cube trays with olive oil. You can find more tips and tricks to reduce your food waste on


Why did Hellmann’s® create the Jar Challenge?

Hellmann’s® believes real food is too precious to waste. Sadly, Canada is the second largest food waste offender globally with approximately 47% of food waste in Canada happening at home. With the Jar Challenge, Hellmann’s® wants to inspire Canadians to take action in their own kitchens and see food waste in a different light.


Where can I go to learn more about how to reduce my food waste?

Looking for simple and delicious ways to reduce your food waste throughout the #JarChallenge? Start right here with our how-to tips and tricks on!
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