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Make Taste Not Waste - Fuel For Fun

We can reduce food waste

Food waste continues to be a big challenge in our society, and Hellmann’s is determined to help find a solution. One way to tackle the problem is by helping the next generation establish healthy habits and teach them how to reduce their food waste.


Working together

We’ve partnered with MLSE LaunchPad to sponsor Fuel for Fun—a sport and nutrition program developed to teach both physical and food literacy to grade 5 students and help them learn the importance of being active and healthy for life.


Making a difference

Fuel for Fun encourages students to apply their learning both inside and outside the classroom. By completing weekly challenges, students are taught key themes such as trying new things, critical thinking, self-care, and teamwork. Hellmann’s is working closely with MLSE Foundation to also include important messages about food waste reduction into the program challenges.