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Benefits of using Canola oil?

Canadian canola oil industry creates revenue for over 52,000 farmers

There are numerous benefits when it comes to Canola oil. It is a versatile cooking oil that can be used for every type of cooking and baking. It fits into a healthy diet, is economical and is environmentally sustainable, which makes it the ideal choice for use in your daily cooking routine. It is also a 100% Canadian-made innovation1!

Health benefits of canola oil

Highest in “good fats”

Fat is important for balanced nutrition and maintaining your health because it gives you energy, it helps your body grow and develop, and it helps your body absorb micronutrients, such as vitamins A, D, E and K.2

There are two types of good fats: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. At 93%, Canola oil contains the highest amount polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats compared to all other popular cooking oils, including olive, sunflower, corn, soybean and palm oil.3

The polyunsaturated fats in Canola oil are rich in two essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids are classified as essential for your health because your body cannot make them.4 Monounsaturated fats contain omega-9 fatty acids.

According to Health Canada, replacing foods that are high in “bad” fats, with foods that are high in unsaturated, or “good” fats can lower LDL cholesterol levels in your blood and in turn, decrease your risk of heart disease.5

Cholesterol is a waxy substance and it’s essential for normal metabolic function. There are two types of cholesterol: good (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL).

Too much bad cholesterol (LDL) can clog your blood vessels with plaque, reducing oxygen and blood flow to your body. The good cholesterol (HDL) carries away the bad (LDL) cholesterol.6

Canola oil has the lowest amount of “bad fats”

There are two types of “bad” fats: trans and saturated fat. Too much trans and saturated fats can increase your risk of heart disease.7

Canola oil contains the lowest amount of saturated fat compared to all other commercial oils in the market and has zero trans fats8 . At only 7%, canola oil has half the saturated fat of olive oil. At 91% and 51% respectively, coconut and palm oil have the highest amount of saturated fat.9

Canola oil and other liquid vegetable oils are a better option than solid fats such as butter and coconut oil because they are high in “good fats” and lower in “bad fats”. Canola has the lowest amount of saturated fat among all commercially available vegetable oils, which makes canola oil a great contribution to a healthy diet.

No Cholesterol

Like all plant-derived oils, canola oil has zero cholesterol.10

Canola oil is also good for the environment and a 100% Canadian-made innovation!

Canola meal comes from the leftover seed material when canola oil is processed.11 It is a high-quality protein source for animal feed around the world. It can be used as cattle, swine, poultry and fish feed.12 Canadian canola production also produces 42% less greenhouse gas, compared to international canola growing competitors.13 You will also be glad to know that canola fields provide habitat for over 2,000 beneficial insects. Canola is an ideal habitat and food source for our precious honeybees.
Canola oil was first produced right here in Canada and the canola oil industry employs over 250,000 Canadians!14


















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