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Showtime Shakshuka

Shakshuka in a serving pan

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

10 minutes

  • 1

    Pick a base



  • 2

    Use up Fruit & Veg

    Garlic, tomato, Bell Pepper, Onion

    Change Ups:

    Green peas, Leek, Egg Plant, Zucchini, Brussel Sprouts


  • 3

    Choose a protein

    Eggs and/or cheese


  • +1

    Add a magic touch

    1 Tsp of hellmann's real mayonnaise with herbs & Spices

    Change Ups:

    sour cream, yoghurt


  • Quickly fry up 1 cup of chopped vegetables and 1 tbsp of gralic in oil.
  • Add 1 or 1 1/2 cup of chopped or pureed tomatoes and spices.
  • Make pockets in the sauce, crack anegg (4 or 5 eggs) in each of them and season with salt & pepper.
  • Cover and simmer for 5mins or until the eggs are cooked.
  • Add magic touch and finish with herbs and spices. Serve with toasted bread and rub with garlic.

Chef's Tip

Any tomatoes you have at home will do! Puree, chopped, canned or fresh.

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