Hearty Chilaquiles

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Hearty Chilaquiles
These chilaquiles tortillas go well with any leftover veggies you may have.


10 mins 


15 mins 


Pick a Base

  • Corn tortillas or tortilla chips

Use up your fruit & veg

  • Onions, jalepeno, garlic or any other leftover vegetables

Add an optional protein

  • eggs, shredded chicken, turkey, beef, or pork

Add a magic touch

  • Queso fresco, epazote, red onionn, crema fresca or sour cream


  • Nutritional values may vary based on your choice of ingredients and serving size.


  1. Cut tortillas into wedges and fry them in hot oil until crisp.

  2. Use bottled salsa or make a salsa by cooking tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic and seasonings with some water until tender. Puree in blender.

  3. Then bring salsa to a simmer and submerge fried tortillas into it. Cook for a few minutes until heated through.

  4. Serve with warmed protein or fried eggs. Add the magic touch.

Serve with rice and beans on the side for a hearty meal.