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Our Ketchup

Our Ketchup

We’re on a mission to make ketchup as good for our planet as it is for our chips...

It isn’t easy to challenge the conventions of something so well loved. But ketchup is far from perfect. But we think ketchup that does you good, and does good for the planet, is something worth fighting for. Because we’re on the side of food


Tomatoes maketh the ketchup. And we make sure ours are of the highest quality. But we’ve always believed that the best tasting tomatoes come from a good place. That’s why we’re committed to making all of our ketchups with sustainably-grown tomatoes. Aside from the fact that they’re generally of a higher quality, sustainable farming also protects the land for future generations. 



About 13% of all tomato crops are thrown away, simply because they aren’t red enough to go into ketchup. That’s crazy. Some farms even have special machines that check the colour and discard any that don’t fit the bill. It’s automated food waste. And it’s time we did something about it.

That’s why we’ve made a special ketchup that uses red and green tomatoes. If you like it, let us know. Because frankly, no good tomato should go to waste. 

Fighting Food Waste
Natural Alternatives



Sweetness is one of the things that makes ketchup taste soooo good. Also with the best quality, most natural foods, that still taste amazing! At Hellmann’s, we have created a new natural choice ketchup - removing all added refined sugar, and instead sweetening with honey.

High quality tomatoes that are slowly cooked with deliciously sweet honey to have a more natural and healthy ketchup, to make favourite meals even more tasty. And we’d love to hear what you make of new Hellmann’s Sweetened by Honey. 

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