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Tasty grilled prawn and beef burger with lettuce and mayonnaise served on pieces of brown paper

Tips For Making A Juicy Summer Night Burger

Tips For Making A Juicy Summer Night Burger
Tips For Making A Juicy Summer Night Burger

Tips For Making A Juicy Summer Night Burger

Burger Night! It must be the weekend, better yet, it’s the food of every midsummer night’s dream. The season of summer calls for light and delicious food that doesn’t take hours to prepare. Ordering take-out is not much better, it’s expensive and restricts you from discovering your inner burger connoisseur. So why not whip up a scrumptious home-cooked juicy burger with nutritious garnishes and creamy sauces, all in the safety of your kitchen.

Not only is the prep time quick but the outcome is divine! Here are a few tips to make juicy burgers in the comfort of your home with a little inspiration from Hellmann’s.

Juicy Burger Patty Anyone?

Before we even get to garnishing your critically acclaimed creation it has to be said, a dried out burger patty will not be bagging you any neighbourhood awards. A great tip for making sure your patty does not dry out on the grill is to add some olive oil and Worcester sauce into your meat. The olive oil and Worcester sauce helps keep the meat moist and bursting with succulent, juicy flavour! A great recipe to try at home is the ultimate burger recipe that is as tasty as it is juicy!

Put Your Patty Down, Flip It and Reverse It!

Grilling a burger patty to perfection is an art. Flipping the patty to cook evenly on each side on the grill is the stuff that great burgers are made of. Using a quality ground beef for your patty burger will only add to the rich and meaty flavour. Not only will you be feeding people but you’re building a reputation for greatest grilled patty burger ever!

The Ever Popular Chicken Burger

Crumbed chicken between a hot bun, lettuce garnish and creamy mayo sounds as delicious as it tastes, doesn’t it? Well luckily for you, this chicken burger recipe from Hellmann’s is easy and quick to prepare. The Hellmann's Mayonnaise range caters wonderfully to this meal and complements the condiments beautifully.

Lamb Burgers, Yum!

We all know someone who loves meat, especially lamb. Imagine gifting this person with a burger that will not only take away the hunger pangs but causes them to break out in song. Heartwarming right? Food is personal and feeding someone something they love says more about the person preparing the food than the one receiving. The Lamb burger recipe by Hellmann’s will have your family, friends and guests feeling as special as they are satisfied. Oh, did we mention that it’s succulently juicy as well?

Serving a juicy burger with these tips just became easier. Moving up the ranks as burger connoisseur, well, that remains to be seen. Regardless of your ranking in the kitchen, using original mayonnaise by the Hellmann’s high in quality range will make any burger deliciously creamy and juicy!