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Vegan burger on a wooden board

What Takes a Vegan Burger from Good to Great

What Takes a Vegan Burger from Good to Great

There's a lot to love about vegan burgers. When they're made properly, they pack just as much flavour as their meaty counterparts with half the calories. But there's more to a burger than its nutritional value. If you're keen on preparing a vegan burger, here are four other things to pay attention to:


Simply put, texture is how your food feels while you eat it. Texture has a massive influence on taste. A classic example is a flat cooldrink. A lot of people don't enjoy flat cooldrink, even though it tastes the same as a fizzy one.

When it comes to vegan patties, a rougher texture is better than a smooth one. Also, make sure your buns are thin and crunchy enough to complement the patty.


Plant-based patties need a bit more flavour boosting than meat patties. If you're making a vegan burger, you'll have to use more seasoning than you usually would for a meat patty. It's all well and good to use herbs and spices to pack your patty with flavour, but there are other ways to get the job done. Vegan ingredients such as soy, mushrooms, garlic, onions and nuts possess distinct flavours that can make your vegan burger more appetising.

Condiments can also go a long way in boosting your burgers taste. Take the road less travelled and opt for vegan mayo. In fact, any high quality mayonnaise will work better than mustard and tomato sauce.  


The firmness of your patty could make or break your burger. It all boils down to the moisture of patty mixture. Your patty will crumble if your mixture is too dry and turn out soggy if your mixture is too moist. Fry or roast your vegetables before adding them to a mixture. That will reduce the amount of moisture in the mixture, which will make your patty firmer.


Think about the last time you sank your teeth into a well-prepared burger. There was probably a stream of juices seeping out of the patty as soon as you squeezed the buns against it. That's precisely the amount of juiciness you should be going for with your vegan burger. Most of the juiciness in a burger comes from the condiments and toppings. Cucumber, broccoli and lettuce are just a few juicy vegetables you can add to your burger. In terms of condiments, mayo is the best bet.

There's no reason for vegan burgers not to be as appetising as their meaty counterparts. As long as you know which elements to focus on when preparing your vegan burger, you should have no problem packing it with enough flavour to rival a beef or chicken burger.