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South African heritage dishes

Something For Everyone This Heritage Month

Something For Everyone This Heritage Month

South Africa is a nation that is rich in diversity and culture. The celebration of our people, by our people, for our people is observed in many ways. From our unique dance moves to the different cuisines that we enjoy, our rainbow nation is indeed one of the most diversified on the planet. In commemoration and celebration of Heritage Month, Hellmann’s has put together a list of meal ideas that can be enjoyed by people from different cultures and backgrounds, using leftovers and Hellmann’s mayonnaise!

Living in a country that has eleven official languages is quite the experience. With so many cultures and creeds all merging together in celebration of where they come from, food remains one of the greatest means of bringing people together.

Spicy Mince Muffins

The spicy mince muffin is great for a savoury breakfast muffin, a late lunch or even scrumptious dinner with a side of green salad. Made from your leftover meal and a few additional ingredients, this is one meal filled with tradition and mixed with culture.

The Falafel Veggie Burger

Not all burgers are traditional and come stacked with beef patties and bacon. Much like our diversified nation, food lovers have different preferences and tastes. For the veggie burger lover, this burger made from leftover vegetables and a generous amount of vegan mayonnaise is legendary in its simplicity and delicious taste!

Pulled Chicken Wraps

Leftover chicken? Don’t get your feathers in a twist. The pulled chicken wrap is a legendary leftover meal that combines a few traditional and ethnic ingredients with leftover chicken to make an ordinary meal and extraordinary taste adventure of fellowship, good food and great company! The pulled chicken wrap can be enjoyed with a variety of Hellmann's mayonnaise products.

Summer Rice Tuna Salad

As the days heat up and September graces us with her beautiful presence, the idea of a delicious salad for supper isn’t that far off. You can use your leftover rice to make a delicious and healthy summer rice tuna salad.

Making delicious yet legendary meals from your leftovers this heritage month has never been easier. As you celebrate all things that make you South African, Hellmann’s continues to seek ways to bring together great people using good food, quality ingredients and mayonnaise products that exceed expectations in taste and texture.

Hellmann’s has a leftover meal that caters to the tastes and preferences of a diversified nation. Our unique recipes speak of the many cultures, mother tongues, food preferences and traditional practices that make us the rainbow nation. Sign up with Hellmann’s today and receive recipes straight to your inbox. Enter our competition and stand a chance to win a Legendary Leftover Masterclass. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up, get cooking and stand a chance to win!