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Juicy beef burger on a wooden board

Who's Got the Juice? (How to Make Burgers Juicier)

Who's Got the Juice? (How to Make Burgers Juicier)

A dry and cracked patty is never ideal when making the perfect burger. Luckily, we have a few tips to share with you on how to make a juicy burger. With gentle cooking styles and crafty prepping techniques, we give you the finest ways to create a burger that ensures a memorable experience.

Add Mayo to Your Grounded Meat Patty

The prepping process requires just a few steps to make it even juicer. Adding high quality mayonnaise to your patty before you cook it adds moisture and a bit of fat, which prevents it from drying out. If you’re having trouble choosing a particular mayo to add to your mix, we suggest using Hellmann’s Original Mayo for a rich and creamy taste that holds just a bit of tartness. The fat used in mayo does not melt away when cooked and leaves an extra layer of sheen when you’re finally finished.

Magic in the Middle

Using mayonnaise isn’t the only trick that works when trying to make a juicy and tender burger. Adding tiny chunks of butter or shards of ice in the middle of your patty works just as well. Butter, like mayonnaise, has a high fat content which adds moisture and a softer texture to your burger. Ice, on the other hand, still works wonders - especially if trying to reduce your fat intake. The water that seeps into the burger while cooking holds some of its moisture which prevents it from cracking and drying out.

Cook to Perfection

Although we all have different preferences when it comes to how our meat is prepared, avoid an overcooked patty if you're looking for something tender and easy to swallow. When cooking red meat, try not to fry, grill or bake your patty past well done. Anything more than that is sure to give you an overcooked meal that lacks flavour. Try to flip your patty over every few minutes and remove it when you start to see black marks. When you’re finished, add a tasty condiment for more moisture. Tomato sauce, chutney or a bit of creamy mayo does the trick and makes every bite all the more pleasurable.

Careful with the Spatula

Constantly flipping your burger to make sure it's evenly cooked can be a task. Pushing down on the patty with your spatula is a common practice for many cooks but in actuality, it drains a lot of the oil and fat content from the burger. Oil and fat are usually things we try to keep minimal when dealing with our food but in cases like this, it helps retain moisture and gives your patty a softer feel.

A juicy burger can be made in many ways that depend on the preferences of the cook. Whether you choose one of our options or all, we’re glad we could assist in creating a mouth-watering meal with all sorts of flavours.