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range of green dishes on a table

Going Green Is The New Way To Go

Going Green Is The New Way To Go

Who said healthy green foods have to be boring, bland and tasteless? As more and more people become aware of the effects on the environment because of our eating habits, it comes as no surprise that going green is growing in popularity. For all our plant-based food lovers out there or those who have newly transitioned into a healthier lifestyle. We’ve put together some great plant-based recipes to tantalise your taste buds while saving you money and time with some delicious leftover recipe ideas using the Hellman’s Mayonnaise range!

A plant-based diet, also called a green diet, is known to have the potential to help prevent lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, reduces the risk of heart disease and promotes weight loss. This has prompted many healthcare professionals to promote a green lifestyle because of its many health benefits. There is a range of delicious green foods that are not only tasty but good for your health.

Green Vegetable Burger - Roast Pepper Express

Vegan burgers can be as tasty and even healthier than a regular burger. They include ingredients like chickpeas that are nutritious for green eaters that may lack essential nutrients because they do not eat meat. Chickpeas contain high levels of iron, zinc, folate and B vitamins. Other healthy ingredients include mushrooms, avocado and rocket leaves. Add some roasted pepper for an added kick of flavour. You can also try making the scrumptious falafel veggie burger from your leftovers for a quick and nutritious Friday night meal.

Deliciously Creamy Potato Salad

Nothing complements a meal more than a deliciously creamy potato salad. Hellman’s vegan mayonnaise is perfect for a green diet and is a healthier option for those looking to make their meals more nutritious. Hard-boiled eggs in your potato salad will provide you with nutrients such as zinc and calcium which are good for your immune system, bones and heart. Potatoes are also a great addition to a plant-based diet as long as you do not eat them deep-fried.

There are a variety of foods that can be decadently dressed with vegan mayonnaise, either as a tartar sauce for some crunchy celery sticks or as an ingredient to an appetising macaroni and vegetable salad.

Macaroni Pie

Another delicious vegetable-based food that is not only healthy but filling is the tasty macaroni pie made from leftover macaroni, tomato, herbs, spices and dollop of vegan mayonnaise. Rosemary aids in improving digestion and circulation while the vegetables such as diced cherry tomatoes, green peppers and peas provide a great source of vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and improve your overall health.

Vegetable Kebabs

Vegetable kebabs can be a unique addition to supper. Grilled or raw, vegetable kebabs can be enjoyed with a side of vegan garlic tartar sauce. The dinner table will not only look more appealing because of the variety of colour and texture, but your meal will pack a healthier punch as vegetables are lower in cholesterol and sodium.

And Finally, Dessert!

As a predominantly plant-based eater, you can have your cake and eat it too. For the sweet-toothed confectionary lover, there is nothing more delicious than a moist caramel cake, filled with buttercream made from wisped vegan mayo and a crunchy topping. The different textures and flavours complement one another perfectly while satisfying your craving for a dessert with a Hellman’s twist.

Eating green can be as delicious as it is healthy. Not only is it good for your health, but eating green aids in combating the effects of greenhouse gases by minimising pollution caused by industry gases. To all the nature lovers and green eating guardians of our galaxy, Hellman’s wishes you many legendary meals on every epic occasion. From breakfast to lunch, dinner and dessert, we’ve got leftover meal ideas for everyone.