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Three homemade burgers on a wooden board

Around the World in Burgers

Around the World in Burgers

You ever wondered how big the world is? Here's your answer: 6371 kilometers, seven continents and 195 countries. And although most people's idea of a burger is a beef patty, a slice of tomato, lettuce and a serving of high-quality mayonnaise or tomato sauce between a bun, there are dozens of variants.

Maybe you're an avid traveller who's been to several places around the country and even the world. But perhaps you haven't been able to travel for a while. No problem! You can still travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen. The only passport you need is an empty stomach. Here's a list of burger variants that can be found around the world:

Hamburguesas Mexicanas (Mexico)

While it's not unusual to find international burger franchises in Mexico, this burger is a uniquely Mexican creation. The Hamburguesas Mexicanas pretty much resembles the average burger, save for the addition of ham and cheese fried on top, as well as such Mexican toppings as jalapeƱos or avocado slices.

Rice Burger (East Asia)

In some burger outlets around East Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, the traditional burger buns are replaced with compressed rice patties. And that's not the only difference. The burger patties are usually made from shrimp, grilled pork and beef strips.

Shami Kebab Burger

In Pakistan, you won't have a hard time finding a fast-food outlet. And one of the most popular dishes is the shami kebab burger. The patty is typically made from lamb meat and lentils and is served on sweet bread instead of buns. Onions, ginger and scrambled eggs are some of the common toppings found in the burger.

Bofsandwich (Denmark)

The Bofsandwich, which means "beef sandwich", is Denmark's version of the burger. The burger is served with tomato, mustard and raw, grilled and roasted onions. In some parts of Denmark, the burger is also served with pickles, remoulade and cabbage, or beets and gravy.

Lot Burgers (Australia and New Zealand)

These are typical burgers, but the toppings and sides give it a bit of a twist. The toppings on a lot burger are pineapple, sliced beets, a fried egg, and bacon. While some burger outlets have started adding these toppings to the typical burger, the rest of the world has Australia and New Zealand to thank for the recipe.

The world is a huge place with innumerable sights and wonders. But there's even more to taste. And the good news is that you don't even have to book a flight. Your taste-tourism is just a click away!