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Good from farm to fork

Good from farm to fork

Good from farm to fork

Hellmann’s believes that good products help to sustain a healthy diet in an environmentally-friendly way, which is why Hellmann’s is committed to doing business in a responsible manner. In order to give you high quality mayonnaise, Hellmann’s only works with real and simple quality ingredients, and we are always looking for ways in which we can reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We want Hellmann’s to be the best mayonnaise product so that you can enjoy the best meals, which is why we are always working to make our products tastier and healthier.

Made from Simple and Real Ingredients

Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise is made with barn eggs, oil and vinegar, and is a good source of Omega-3 which is necessary in maintaining a healthy heart.

Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise is double whisked for a great taste, with less than half of the fat and kilojoules of Hellmann's Original Mayonnaise.

Hellmann’s believes in always being open with our customers about what it is that our products are made from, and will continue to communicate this information on all of our labels and on our website.

Sustainable Sourcing and Reducing our Environmental Impact

Hellmann’s believes that good products are not just tasty, but they are also made in a responsible way, and with good ingredients. Hellmann’s are doing what we can to make our products better, while we make a positive contribution to the environment. We choose to source our ingredients from sustainable sources as often as we can, and look for new ways of reducing the impact that our products have on the environment.

Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing

We work on sourcing our key ingredients sustainably.

Oils: We are already using a significant amount of certified sustainable oils to make our mayonnaise products. Hellmann’s has a goal to source 100% of soybean oil sustainably, by the year 2020.

Eggs: Our products contain at least 50% responsibly sourced barn eggs.


Hellmann’s believes that good fats should be part of a balanced and healthy diet, which is why our products are made from vegetable oils. The soybean oil that is used in our Hellmann’s products is filled with good fats like polyunsaturated fat and Omega-3, and is low in bad saturated fats. Your body cannot produce Omega-3, which is an important element when it comes to maintaining good heart health.


Hellmann’s is making an effort to lower the levels of salt in our mayonnaise products to a responsible healthy level, while we maintain the signature Hellmann’s taste. Thanks to our great tasting products,  you need not add any salt to make your meal tastier when cooking with Hellmann’s.

Greenhouse Gas

Hellmann’s is always working on reducing the impact that our products have on the environment – with a focus on the greenhouse gases across the lifecycle of production. Hellmann’s has lowered its oil usage, and we have optimized our packaging in line with our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint.


At Hellmann’s, we are working on increasing the percentage of recyclable material that we use. Hellmann’s aspires to achieve a goal that ensures that we halve the waste that is associated with our products by 2020. We intend to source 100% of the paper and packaging that we use, from sustainably managed forests, or already recycled materials.