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Helping Fight Food Waste




Hellmann’s Food Waste Hacks

Helping Fight Food Waste

With Hellmann’s products reaching the homes of millions of people across America, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and help people become more resourceful with their food. That is why we have committed ourselves to helping fight food waste.

Reducing food waste in our value chain

Food loss and waste is unseen, under-valued and a waste of human, environmental and economic capital. It consumes one-fifth of all American fresh water, 18% of our cropland and 21% of all landfill volume1.

Fighting food waste is an enormous opportunity to address food insecurity and mitigate climate change. It’s a challenge that has to be met by focusing on the complex systems by which food is produced, consumed and disposed of, by our industry and others. So, we’re working to reduce wasted or lost food in our value chain – from farm to fork. We know we’ve got a long way to go and that we can't transform the food system on our own.

Partnerships fighting food waste

Alongside our work in our own operations and value chain, we're also working with a wide range of partners to help shape the change we want to see.

Our partnership work includes a business collaboration with Food Reform for Sustainability and Health (FReSH) to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal target 12.3 of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which aims to halve per capita consumer food waste and reduce food losses along the value chain.

Our CEO, Alan Jope is also a member of Champions 12.3, a global coalition of government leaders, businesses and civil society dedicated to accelerating progress toward achieving SDG target 12.3.

Helping our consumer’s fight food waste

In our journey to understand the food waste landscape, we have found that approximately 70% of people globally agree that avoiding food waste has become more important in their lives – almost as important as eating healthily2. However, many people don’t yet acknowledge that they are part of the problem. In fact, 73% of Americans say they waste less than the average American3.

ReFED, a nonprofit working to end food loss and waste, has uncovered that in the United States, 43% of all food wasted occurs in our homes4. We at Hellmann’s are focusing on solutions that help people see the potential in their perishables by nudging them to cook with the ingredients in their fridge, which not only helps fight food waste but also saves them money! Download our Fridge Night app to see how you can be part of this mission.

So together let’s commit to reducing in-home food-waste and #MakeTasteNotWaste.





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