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Amy Schumer talks

Amy Schumer On Her Big Hellmann’s Ad and Reducing Food Waste


Amy Schumer Talks

We’re pretty lucky to have Amy Schumer on our team, not only because the hilarious comedian stars in our new commercial, but also because she’s joining our mission to reduce food waste. Just like the character she plays in our ad (debuting on 2/7), Schumer wants to educate consumers on the easy changes they can make to reduce food waste and make the most out of the items in their kitchen.

Want to hear about it from Amy herself? Luckily, she’s been dishing everything about our mission to reduce food waste and even dropping some hints about the big ad. Check out her chat about the beauty of misshapen produce with PopSugar and learn even more of her tips to prevent food waste and how she gave herself the title “the body of mayo” in People.

While everyone wants to know the full story behind Amy’s mystery character in the commercial, there’s only one way to find out… catch the debut of our new ad on Sunday night!