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Let's Save A Million Meals

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Fridge Hunter

José Andrés wants you to become a

What is Fridge Hunting?

Jose Andres

Anyone can be a Fridge Hunter.

All it takes is a keen eye, a creative soul and a growling stomach.

Open up that bad boy and see what’s for dinner.

Even when it looks like nothing good, start reaching in there, taking stuff out and firing up your inner chef.

The truth is, nearly 40% of food waste happens in our homes.

So let’s get cooking and make something with the food that we would otherwise throw away.

Save food. Save money. Save the planet.

Why Fridge Hunt?

CO2 icon

Help reduce greenhouse gases

Waste Icon

Reduce food waste

Money Icon

Save money

Skills Icon

Learn new skills in the kitchen


Fridge Hunting 101