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Food banks have seen a 70% increase in demand since March. Meanwhile, American farmers have been forced to waste millions of pounds of fresh produce due to affected restaurant and food service supply chains. As a brand that has always been on the side of food, we had to help.

That is why Hellmann’s is proud to support East Side House Settlement (a non-profit that has been helping communities in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan receive access to food, education and work force development for more than 125 years) and Farms to Food Banks to help rescue excess food from American farms and deliver it to the tables that need it the most.

With your help, we can save 1 million pounds of food from farms that would otherwise go to waste by the end of 2020. That’s enough food to feed over 200,000 families in need.

To help us rescue food, please donate on East Side House Settlement’s website.


What’s next for the Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund?

As we continue to develop the Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund, we are dedicated to not only ending food waste, but also ending food injustice. This injustice happens along the entire supply chain, from lack of funding for Black farmers to lack of access to quality food. African American households are 2x more likely to face hunger, and getting enough to eat is a constant struggle for 1 in 4 Black American children.* All of this is a direct result of the systemic inequity caused by racial discrimination, and it is unacceptable. We are committed to doing more to fight this food injustice and help get food to the communities that need it most. More details to come.  

Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund is part of Unilever’s United for America Initiative, aimed at providing relief to Americans impacted by the pandemic through $20 million in products and services. In April, Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund provided $500,000 to feed frontline workers and people in need in New York City, Hellmann’s birthplace. Hellmann’s partnered with Grubhub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivering marketplace, to provide 30,000 individually catered local restaurant meals to health care workers at three New York City hospitals. By leveraging Grubhub’s delivery network, the partnership also fueled local restaurants struggling to stay open in this time of crisis.

To learn more about the Unilever ‘United for America’ initiative, please visit

*Source: Feeding America