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Tortilla Pizza Hack

Tortilla Pizza Hack

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

6 minutes

  • 1

    Choose a base

    Tortillas, bread, bagels, English muffins

  • 2

    Use up your vegetables & fruit

    Bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes- any veggies you happen to have will work!

  • 3

    Add a protein

    Cheese, ham, sausage, chicken, pepperoni

  • +1

    Bring it all together and then add the magic touch

    Spread pasta sauce or pizza sauce on your base. Sprinkle with cheese and add your veggies and protein. Bake for 6 mins in a 475°preheated oven. Add the magic touch. (Choose some ranch dressing, ricotta cheese or basil or baby arugula leaves.)


Chef's Tip

For extra flavor, drizzle baked pizza with your favorite table sauce, like BBQ or pesto sauce.