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Hearty Chilaquiles

Hearty Chilaquiles

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

15 minutes

  • 1

    Choose a base

    Corn tortillas, leftover tortilla chips would work well too!

  • 2

    Use up your vegetables & fruit

    Onions, jalapenos, garlic

  • 3

    Add a protein

    Eggs, shredded leftover chicken, turkey, beef or pork

  • +1

    Bring it all together and then add the magic touch

    Cut tortillas into wedges and fry them in hot oil until crisp. Then use a red salsa or make a salsa by cooking tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic and seasonings with some water until tender. Puree in blender until smooth. Then bring salsa to a simmer and submerge fried tortillas into it. Cook for a few minutes until heated through. Serve with warmed protein or fried eggs. Add the magic touch. (Choose some epazote which is an authentic Mexican herb, queso fresco, chopped red onion or crema.)


Chef's Tip

Add some chopped cilantro to your homemade or bottles salsa for a nice fresh touch!