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Mediterranean Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Honey and Oregano

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A Barbecue is a grill. One of the best uses for a grill is a grilled cheese sandwich. The best grilled cheese in the universe is on the Greek Islands and it’s made with a cheese called Saganaki. Wrapped in a thin layer of filo, spread with oil and then cooked until crisp on the plancha (Flat top grill), until crisp and golden, but oozing with goo on this inside, then drenched in honey – MY WORD, there is nothing like it. It’s hard to find in the UK at the moment and it’s definitely a knack to cook so I’ve put the essence of this into an American-style grilled cheese, stuffed with either saganaki or a combination of hard mozzarella and feta cheese. The white bread is spread with the Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. The main ingredient in mayonnaise is oil, so it gives it a golden glow, stops it sticking, but the rest is acidity and seasoning which brings the whole thing to life. I drench it then in honey that’s been warmed with oregano and it’s out of this world. #StaycationBBQ by Gizzi Erskine