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Left over potatoes

stay in (spired)

Random Ingredients? #MixItUp

The best type of cooking? The creative kind. Whether it’s store cupboard staples or what’s left in the fridge, take random ingredients and get inventive. With the right recipes and a little help from Hellmann’s Mayo – mixing it up has never tasted so good. 


Homemade Gnocchi with Hellmann's Mayonnaise

Vegan Mayo Gnocchi


An indulgent Italian dish made up with leftover mashed potatoes. It’s genius. Perfectly balanced with just a few bits and bobs like toasted pine nuts, pesto and a fresh citrus squeeze. This is a lunch you’ll make again and again.



Fishcakes from Leftovers

Fishcakes from Leftovers


Leftover roasties make for the perfect binding ingredient for our do-it-yourself fishcakes. With a sprinkling of spring onion, a good helping of Hellmann’s Real Mayo and a quick fry in the pan – these golden, crispy delights are a lunch-lovers dream.







Loaded Baked Potatoes 4 Ways

Loaded Baked Potatoes 4 Ways


A lunchtime hero: the humble baked potato. The best part about these golden spuds? You can get as creative as you want with the filling. And we’ve got not one, not two, but FOUR leftover-inspired toppings to pair with your potato. This one’s a must.



Low Calorie Peri-Peri Chicken Pita

Low Calorie Peri-Peri Chicken Pita


Just when you thought sauces came from a jar, turns out they can come from whatever’s left in the fridge. It’s fragrant, full of flavour and just a wee bit spicy – this pita recipe is lunch perfection. 



Mayo Brownies


Mayo? In a chocolate brownie? You heard! This mouth-watering and incredibly moist sweet treat will have you and the whole family wondering what else you need to start adding our mayo to.


American Pancakes


These American-style pancakes out so light and fluffy, you won’t know whether to eat them or use them as a pillow.

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