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British Street Food Awards
We're on the side of food

Hellmann's proudly sponsors the British Street Food Awards


Born out of a deli in New York, Hellmann’s has a long-standing passion for proper, good food. We are excited to embark on this journey with the British Street Food Awards, celebrating our heritage by supporting foodie entrepreneurs just like our founder, Richard Hellmann.

In 2019 Hellmann’s will be sponsoring an award for the Most Sustainable Trader, recognising traders who share our values:

  • Sustainable sourcing of ingredients
  • Help fight food waste
  • Champion sustainable packaging

The winning trader will be selected by a panel of judges based on scores in a survey audited by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Hellmann's Ribbon

This is where you can see the best of British Street Food competing to win your vote:


Scottish heats with The Pitt, June 15th-16th 2019

Event Information


Northern heats with Leeds Dock, June 29th-30th 2019

Event Information


Welsh heats with Street Food Warehouse, August 24th-25th 2019

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The Final - a zero waste event

With London Union, September 13th-14th 2019

This year, we are joining forces with the British Street Food organisers, along with NCASS and Eighth Plate, to ensure that the BSFA finals are a zero waste event. 

Event Information

Hellmann's Ribbon
The final - a zero waste event

Featured Trader: Shoot the Bull

Shoot the Bull is all about taking the restaurant to the street! Infamous for their award-winning steaks, poutine and other meaty treats, they pride themselves on supporting great local suppliers, high welfare meat and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Shoot the Bull
Shoot the Bull
Shoot the Bull

Featured Dish: Posh Poutine

Beef-Dripping Cracked Fries, Melted Cheese Curds, Braised Beef Gravy, Flat Iron Steak & Hellmann's Truffle Mayonnaise.

Impress your friends and family with this street food inspired recipe – Our juiciest burger ever

This burger is an absolute classic recipe executed to perfection. Toasted brioche, sweet tomatoes and woody mushrooms are the dream combo to create this sensational succulent burger. Add a secret twist by mixing a dollop of mayo into your patty mix for that extra mouth-watering bite!