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Save your Easter eggs

Save your Easter eggs

Materials Required

  1. Egg shells

  2. Egg carton

  3. A spritz bottle

  • Soil – seed starting mix is best.

  • Seeds – we recommend vegetables like tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers.


  1. Rinse out your used egg shells.

  2. Place into the egg carton.

  3. Add a small scoop of soil into each shell. There should be enough to cover the seeds, but not so much that it spills out of the shell.

  4. Create a small hole in the soil using your finger and place the seeds inside.

  • Cover the seeds with the soil.

  • Spritz the seeds lightly with water.

  • Place the egg carton in a sunny window.

  • Once the seeds have sprouted, transfer them into pots or, weather permitting, your garden. You can keep the sprouts in the shell, as the plant grows it will use the shells as fertilizer.


If you don’t have any seeds, simply crush up your egg shells and toss them into your garden or household plants. They’ll help fertilize the soil and make your plants grow.