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Freeze Your Herbs

Freeze Your Herbs

Reducing the 63% of avoidable food waste Canada throws away is as simple as a chop, top and pop! Instead of throwing out your unused herbs (or over-seasoning your roast), just chop up your unused herbs, top with olive oil and freeze. See? Simple!

What you need

  1. Unused herbs

  2. Olive oil

  • Ice trays

What to do

  1. Chop up your herbs into small pieces.

  2. Place herbs into your ice trays.

  3. Top with olive oil.

  • Freeze overnight.

  • Pop out of tray and dissolve in a saucepan as a replacement for butter or oil.

Bonus Tip

If you have a taste for spice, add chili flakes to your trays for a bit of heat.